Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why KANYE, Why??

FORREAL THO??.....i mean Kanye had potential right??

maybe he taking the death of his Mama alot harder than we all think.

i been upset with him for a minute...why he looking like a darker Phillip Michael Thomas via Miami Vice circa 1982??...i seen him on Saturday NIght Live, with that horrific Shag cut and them Kool Moe D glasses...WTF!..stop bringing the '80's back people!! and he bringing it waaaaaaaaayy to hard!! im seriously thinkin this is our first mainstream GAY rapper!
he was in Paris this past week for men's fashion week....mens. fashion. week. in. Paris...i mean that pretty much sums it up!...BUT he was there we these mafukkas (pictured above) and Farnsworth Paris...for fashion shows...ummmm my GAYDAR couldnt be going off anymore if i was in a room with Richard Simmons, a bedazzler, and them 2 tangy guys i seen on wheel of fortune the other nite....( pat: "and who is ur guest Robert?" robert: "thatssss my fianccaaeee, Larry" *quick gay embrace*)

My prediction..Kanye is gay as hell.

he carries a MURSE for fucks sake!..a giant Louis Vuitton PURSE!...not a duffle bag...not a backpack..but a PURSE, for men..but still a PURSE!!

so..tangy, zesty men of the can two snaps and twist have this one!! cuz HONAAAYYY...i dont want him!

*and the '80's shit that is coming back sooo hard, we gonna address that a lil later...cuz i am HATING it!! (voice of David Alan Grier in 2 men & a movie)


  1. lmao GIRLLL Kanye is definitely suffering from PTSD cuz of mama West's death. He's like that good kid who turns wild once one of their parents dies. I feel like he's going htru a faze. Between the new style, sound, and friends i feel like he's trying to go against what he was when his mom was here, so it wont hurt that much.

    stay stong Ye...i can rock with you, for now...get rid of dude in the leopard tights tho lmao

  2. Hate to tell you this but I grew up with some of Kanye's family and all of the dudes in that family are weird just like him. The member of his family I grew up with is even suspect after getting caught by his ex wife in there bed with his best friend claiming they were reading scripture together. So if his family is a sign we just may be seeing his true colors. lol

  3. lmaaaaaaoooo@ u serious!!??..SCRIPTURE??....lmaooooooo queer as a 3dolla bill!!