Friday, January 16, 2009

Open Letter

Dear Down Stairs Neighbor,

Hey there, how you doing?.....i know you may have seen me around a few times. i stay upstairs.
i see you often, as a matter of fact my babydaddy has bought a few sacks from you. i think your name is Mike....i would just like to say YUMMMY!....

i want you to know that i would put a hurtin on you. i would do things to you that aint never been done. you're chunky, dark skind, and got dreads!...the things i would do to you!! you just dont know. i have been told that my head game is MAGNIFICENT....i would go above and beyond anything i have previously done. you would get hooked on a fat white girl so damn fast! i would literally try to suck the black off your peen. please dont be alarmed, im a very upfront person. i say exactly what the fuck is on my mind. and i know i dont have ASS, but believe me when i say, i got cushion in mah draws, its just in the front. u wont even notice i dont got booty! and like Plies say, " i feel like fucking.....i want you to lay up in something wet and punish something!" i know you know what im talking bout. ive heard you bumpin Plies quite a few times.

i know you've seen me before...i believe we had a moment when i pulled up in my Monte Carlo and was jamming to " Bitch, im me! bitch, im me..and you pussy ass n*ggas ya'll can keep on hating, waiting for my downfall, ya'll can keep on waiting, on me!" u looked..i looked...and we had a brief moment. i just wasnt you to know, in that moment, i saw EXACTLY what the hell i wanted to do to you!!

so, no pressure..cuz i get dick...i aint desperate....i just wanna FUCK YOU! if u ever lonely one night..come knock on Apt 146...i would fuck your whole world up! dont worry bout my babydaddy, he aint shit...and he cant say shit. you just come holla @ ya girl if u need the best head and puss u have ever had in ya life. ill even show you my *patent pending* special move. it will make ya toes curl like plastic in a microwave. TRUST.

get at me!


  1. Thunda makes my heart go thump.thump.




  3. damn, downstairs dude got a hell of an invite. you might want to print this up and drop it in dude mailbox lol

  4. WOW you need to put him on to your blog and wait for that knock at the door...