Friday, January 16, 2009

I Aint A Damn "Becky"!!

i hate white girls. i hate white girls that fuck with black dudes even more. i hate a chick that fuck with Tyrone to make her Daddy mad, or her ex (white) boyfriend, or her Mama, or her whole damn family, or whatever.
i grew up in Ft. Lauderdale. and we was poor. i had Jamaican friends, Haitian friends, even a few Cuban friends. i grew up like they did. i hated police and white ppl just like the rest of my friends did. i got the *white side eye* plenty of times!! maybe because most ppl thot i was spanish or maybe it was the company i kept. either way, i grew up oppressed feeling and hating the world too! i dont think me and a white dude could ever have ANYTHING in common. i know and sing more rap songs than most dudes i know, what me and Timmy gonna talk about?....the Bible said you shouldnt be "unevenly yolked". i have always been attracted to black men. *ALWAYS*. aint shit a white man could ever do for me. thats just me. but these white girls out here that act like its the newest fad make me sick. and the black dudes that fuck with em make me sick. how u in walmart with becky and her two lilly white kids as one happy family??...thats like me walking around with my 2 beautiful *black* babies and Jimbo in cowboy boots and damn trucker hat.

nuh uh! one of these things aint like the other!!

so Becky...leave Tyrone alone. he aint for you. go back to Timmy and work shit out. it aint time to try new things. stick to what you know!
you either new to it...or you true to it!

and *this is my life* i am TRUE to it!!

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  1. I always wonder when I see a white chick with biracial kids and a white step daddy did she ever think that one day that mug might get pissed and call her babies the N word in their own home. My brother used to live with me and one day he got good and drunk and said it to one of my boys so I know if a white Uncle will do it a white step daddy will. And yes my brother had to move out that day.