Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jelly Belly

so my baby girl Jelly, is a lil on the chunky side. like Mama..and Daddy.
she's 9, she's adorable, she's funny, she's smart as hell, just made all A's and one B on her report card yesterday. i love my babygirl!! she's been thru alot with me...the one and only time i lived alone, when i was 20 and she was just a baby, it was just me and her!...but because she is Ssoooooo like me we often fuss @ eachother and what not....but thats not the point of this post.....

me and Grimace get into a huge argument the other day about my Jelly Belly.
he thinks she eats too fast and too much.....and one day she will grow up to be HUGELY obese which will make problems in her life and she wont be accepted.

ummm we aint talkin like she EAT all damn day or she eats like a grown ass man. she just eats. i think its normal...he says i eat fast as hell too..been picking on me since we met. ask me shit like "did you even taste that" when i get done eating and what she eat like me...big deal!!

he gets mad with her when she even ask about food.

Jelly: "whats for dinner"
Grimace: "you a child, what the hell you worried bout dinner for? you gunna eat what ever is on the plate anyways!"

so after biting my tounge for awhile now, cuz he still Daddy and should have some say in his childrens life.....i got pissed off!....she made sum "YummmMMm, Pizza" comment and he went off on her! so i laid into his fukkin you guna tell her how to fuckin think!..leave her the fuck alone. hell!, im fat, youre fat..she gunna be fucking chubby....she wont never wear a size damn 2. u want her ass to be anorexic?... you want her to hate herself if she is chubby?, cuz inevitably she will be chubby...LEAVE HER AND HER DAMN FOOD ALONE!!

i mean for real tho....i know it's not healthy to be overweight....i know i want her to be happy and have a good childhood, and being self conscious about what u eat, or how you eat around ya damn daddy aint no good either!! she is fine with the fact she got a lil belly!...she loves herself..she know she's cute!..why the fuck this fat sad mafukka got to try and make her feel like shit ??....he fat and had a miserable childhood cuz he was HUGE in the 5th grade ( i seen pics ). i was always chunky, but i played sports..i had boyfriends, and ppl LOVED me!...i was the cute ass funny fat girl!..wasnt that bad!!..but he's afraid she gonna be fat and miserable like him!!

i dont know, i felt bad for cussing his ass out and telling him to STFU and go sit his ass down somewhere and let me worry bout my daughter, because i know he is only thinking of her...but he going about in TOTALLY the wrong way!!...

what you think?


  1. Tell dude to stop projecting onto lil girl.

  2. His fat ass just dont want nobody else to eat, fat bastid!
    My baby gonna be fat...her daddy fat....2 fat folks dont make skinny kids....
    As long as shes not over doing it, let her be.

  3. ahahahahaaa! Bird is so funny!

    girl my baby is an eating machine, too...and we have those tendencies in my family so i have to pump the brakes for her sometimes. just keep her active and it should even itself out lol