Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Question Of The Day

is a woman hoe just cuz she enjoys sex???

why do we gotta fuck 4 something besides dick?.......if we like a dude and we wanna hunch, why we gotta get money, or some other compensation to justify us fuckin off rip??

does a dude appreciate a no bullshittin ass woman?...if i wanna fuck and you wanna fuck, why cant we lay the bullshit aside and fuck??....if u step to me with the lil game spittin that fellas do, and i say " Bruah, all that aint neccesary, i'm down, if you down. lets set up a mutual understanding and do what we feel like doing" am i a HOE?

why Grimace told me last year when he was fukkin every fat bitch that would give up the snatch he was better than me cuz atleast he was fuckin for $, weed, food(???) etc? and cuz i was just fukkin for dick, intimacy, relations, that i aint shit?!!

so as an adult, male or female, if u honest and upfront bout what u want and u fuck with no dates and for no compensation (other than the sex) does that make you a hoe??......

and as a dude, if you fuck with a female that thinks like that, is she just a hoe to you??..or do u RESPECT that she's a real ass female that's honest and upfront? u respect that??...or no matter how u get the pussy, if u get it off rip, she's just a hoe??



  1. A ho IMO is a woman that sleeps to GET something whether its status money or a materialistic possession. A ho is also a woman that thinks she gonna take that nut and have a kid for a man she has no connection for WHATSOEVER just to secure a financial future.

  2. ok thunda . .. lemme take a stab at this right quick .

    To directly answer your initial question "Is a woman a ho just cuz she enjoys sex" ?? -- clearly the answer to this in NO.. absolutely NOT.
    However with that said, are u just tryina fuk and keep it moving or possibly have a meaningful relationship ?? , I mean, a man would always say he respects a woman for being upfront and honest but the real question is, after getting the puss would he respect you to the point where he'll be willing to wife u ?? prolly not.
    ya see in the back of a man's mind, he's thinkg if it was this easy for me, it's that easy for the next nicca.. As a 35 yr old man, the easier it is for me to get some puss, the faster i'm gonna run after getting it.. oh I'll take it, but I can't say i'mma stick around after the sex. Also, that's not to say I would think of the woman as a hoe, cause I wouldn't. I'm trying to give u an honest answer thunda cause I love u as a fren .. now ask me these questions 10 or 12 years ago, my response would be totally different.
    ya see plain ole fukin is simple, and it's ok to like fukin as a woman... aint nothing to it, u feeling each other?.ok then letz fuk...but incorporate RESPECT into the equation and shit becomes more complicated, the approch has to be different. I know i'm being long winded but what da hell .... ya see men appreciate a challange, the harder it is to get the snatch, the more we appreciate it once we have it... even if u get weak in the knees at the sight of a nicca, panties soak just by lookin at him, u wanna fuk him so bad u nut just from the thought of it... even then, don't make it tooo easy him. Make dude sweat a little, have him put in work to get it.. he'll respect you more and also this will set a good starting point as to how he's gonna treat you the rest of the way.

  3. hmmmmm so deep Rodney....and i agree. if u want a relationship with a dude, u dont fuck him off rip....but as a homey, lover, friend situation its cool? see my baby daddy thinks that as a woman, i should NEVER fuck off rip!! NEVER, EVER, EVER! everyone will think imma hoe. he doesnt understand that sometimes a female dont want a "boyfriend" all the damn time. sometimes we just want a big, dark, sexy, thick, dreaded ass mafukka to blow our back out and not be all snuggled up on me @ 4am sweating like a hogg! im just sayin!...can a female throw the pussy on a mafukka and then chuck the duces and go the fuck home and sleep alone!...why we gotta be in a relationship just to fuck?...why are woman looked @ as nassy if we do that, but aint a damn thing wrong with a man doing it!!

  4. ok, rob covered one side of it and hit got the rest.

    I personally can respect a chick that just tell me she trying to fuck, leave, and hit me up the next time she trying to fuck. Only problem is, like hit said, chances are I won't wife her because I'm not gonna believe I'm the only nigga to get it like that. Just like if I come at a chick just for pussy, or she know that I be at mad females just for sex, she not gonna want to be my girl cuz she gonna think I'm still trying to fuck everything in site.

  5. A woman being considered a hoe is completely subjective... If you are up front about your shit more than likely the dude is going to think you are a hoe regardless how many times they actually sleep with you. No matter what you do or say, 95% of the time he will not gal you. He may beat it up a few times but when it comes to settling down, you are the last person he is going to look for. That's just the way we dudes think.

    Alot of dudes are gonna come on here and say that they like an up front women. Of course we are going to like it, it makes our job that much easier. At the end of the day, you just end up being that chick I used to F***....Never a potential gal. shurgs.... does it suck, Yes. Is it a double standard, Yes, but what can you do.

  6. Damn I need to start fukkin for money, dates and gifts. Instead of fukkin just because lol. I appreciate when a woman is up front with it, what sucks is when peeps try to turn something like that into a relationship.

  7. hmmm...gotta love the men folk!

    [p.s. im commenting to say i read...]

  8. so the bottom line is.....if its a FUCK thing..leave it at that..NEVER try to make it more...and if you dont want just a fuck thing..dont give up the TWAT easliy??...i get it now!!

  9. let me drop my 2cents...if i give it to u easy, im not the type that is gonna pass the tray around, u feel me? if i wanna screw buddy, then i stick with one screw buddy that will follow that rule as well...anytime, anyplace, just keep it right here. i aint never caught feelings for a screw buddy, and probably never will.