Tuesday, January 20, 2009

" Rosa sat, so Martin could walk.

Martin walked, so Barack could run.

and Barack ran, so our children can fly"

i get goosebumps every time i read or recite that. i read it somewhere awhile ago, and i believe it.

Today is a great day. and Today, i am truly proud to be an AMERICAN. we did it.

black, white, hispanic. we came together and changed this country. everything our ancestors did has finally paid off. he isnt just black folks president.....he is EVERY AMERICANS' PRESIDENT! and i love it!!


  1. i know its the day after, but i still get choked up about it! what a beautiful family, i swear i wanna be like them when i finally grow up! they are so elegant and classy but you still feel like you could hang with them if you had the chance...REAL PEOPLE will be running real people! how excited are u for our kids...they will always know there was a black man in charge...

  2. yesss@diqua....he's the only person in washington i feel like i could sit down and have dinner with, or a cup of coffee or sumthing. my children dont even realize!! and when im tearing up they looking @ me like im crazy!..lol...i explained as best i could. that was a real hard convo for me. how do you explain to them that not that long ago, in this country, people that looked like me, were horrible and treated ppl that looked them and their Daddy like animals and shit. it was hard for me. that shit made me cry too!!......im so glad we are @ this point as a country.