Wednesday, January 14, 2009


<~~~~~ GRIMACE
so, now that the introductions are done...... my first real post....and of course it's about Grimace....let me tell ya'll first off that i am real proud of myself for not knocking his mafukkin fronts out this morning...but my license is suspended, and i needed a ride to work.

so i wake up @ 6:30 to get the kids ready and breakfast and shots for my son and what i gotta get ALLL OF THHIISSS *jazz hands up body* REATS TO i smoke the last 2 cigs in the pack that i seen on the table...assuming since he had been gone the night before for like 4 hours "chilling with his sister" that he had his own damn cigs..well this mafukka wake up with a 'TUDE...cuz he aint got nuthin to smoke...i say "my bad, i thot u had another pack" you know what this mafukka says to eyes are squinting now just thinking about it...he says to me " IT AINT YOUR JOB TO THINK" you serious mafukka??....i swear fore God i almost lost all self control and knocked that lazy, lil dick mafukka across the room....but i BIT MY TOUNGE...i bit. my. tounge. i dont never bite my tounge...i ususally let the bitch HAVE IT....i got a mouth for ya ass, trust..but it was kids was right i just SMILED and walked my ass in the passenger seat and got driven to work like MISS mafukkn DAISY!...

he was so hot he wouldnt even stop and get cigs. LMAO...and im broke till tomorrow, so he did it just to spite id be struggling all day with out a newport....bitch sis work here...i been smoking ports all day!! get ya mind right!..and best believe he better not even fix his mouth to ask me for a cig when i get paid tomorrow....

i hate him!


  1. I ain't eating McDonalds NO more thank you very much

  2. You need to set ole boy straight asap lol. He should be at least buy the cigs.

  3. Acolyte..hey!! my boo...and he could buy the cigs...that was the point..he wasnt gonna buy them for me cuz i had smoked the last 2 in the pack!!..lmao...whatevs!~

  4. "plus i gotta get ALLL OF THHIISSS *jazz hands up body* REATS TO GO"