Wednesday, January 14, 2009


well well well.....allow me to introduce name is THUNDACAT!.....and reading everybody else's business has really made me want to share mine...hell, bitches is nosey!!

im a 28 year old white and indian chick ( blackfoot and cherokee) born and raised in FLORIDA. i have 2 bee uuttee full mixed kids, one daughter who is 9, we will call her Jelly....(*giggle*) and a 6 year son, who is diabetic, and we will call him Ter-Bear.

my life aint been easy by any means...but this late in the game i really just try to smile and keep my head up. i got a babydaddy that, even tho i love him & he has many good qualities, overall...he aint shit! i pay all the bills and he mooches off his family to meet the rest of our needs. he dont work, and even tried "slangin" for a lil while, but realized he was smoking any profit he was making off the product. later on him, im sure!

i dont have much family that i am in contact dad is a raging alkie and aint even sober enough to speak half the time, and when he does, he just crys. i cant even deal with it. my mom decided to become racist late in life when she met her current man, so i havent spoken to her in sum years....i have 5 sisters...1's a "ill suck ya dick for a rock behind this 7-11" crackhead....not a play-play sister lives in Texas and really aint bout shit, she got issues GALORE..and really i got my who needs more? one sister i work with and lives here in Tally. and another who is just like me and we see each other regularly. and a younger one that still lives with my mom, so that relationship is pretty much gone. i love my sisters, but i really dont get involved in they lives, cuz i got my own shit to deal with.

so basically my life and is me and my kids...and of course Grimace ( the babydaddy ).

its '09 man! like Barack say.."its time for a change!!!"

stay tuned!

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