Thursday, January 15, 2009

MMMmmMMmMm Num Yummy!

do i have bad taste????

sooo Plies is the exception, but i like em DarK! meat on the bones and and a face only a Mama (and me) could love.

i like tats and or scars, i like rough ass hands, i like thick legs but well defined ankles...not Cankles..but a nice ass well defined ankle area. i like moobs (man boobs) i know thats gunna be NASSY to ya'll...but not like b's or c's or anything....i call em 'prison titties'...thick ass chest area and a nice nipple...i like sucking nipples....think what you want. i like broad shoulders, a big back, and a lil belly hang. listen, imma big chick..chunky, if u please..i cant have no lil ass man. alll my fat girl associates say im crazy!! " a skinny man can get in them nook and crannies" is what my associate 'head & shoulders' says. bitch is u an english muffin??? nuh uh! he can also leave ya ass bruises on the inside on ya thighs from his boney ass hips! no thank you!! if we go to war, i cant be afraid if i throw it back i might knock your ass across the room! my girls over at YKYDAW (youknowyoudeadazzwrong) always say EWWWWWW THUNDA! everytime i say someone sexy!...except NEVER..she usually on my level (usually)... do i have bad taste?? i mean hell, somebody gotta love looking @ these mafukkas! and i am just that MO say, "she beautiful to someone"...well that mafukka sexy to me!! so if you see me in the streets with a CRISPY ass, fat, black, tatted up, goonish looking mafukka...dont question me....ITS WHAT I LIKE!!

so in summation, (sp chk?) i like em dark, fat, rough, and possibly an ex-con! DONT YOU JUDGE ME! and please feel free to leave ya application in the comments if thats you, and i will get back to ya!!


  1. Thunda, i didnt know you liked them ex-cons lmao!!! i can see now u like getting thrown up on walls and waking up with bruises.... *side eye* u still my girl tho!

    now, if any of those little, Caramel, slick talking, clean cut ones come your way, pass them along to mama...

  2. lol@ diqua....they all yours ma!!..and i wish a mafukka would bruise my eye! like a dude that LOOK like he might slap the taste out my mouth....not actually DO IT!

  3. thunda girl, every bread has its cheese. I feel where your coming from..i hate to see a skinny dude and a thick chick all hugged up lookin like the number 10 when they walking together.

    Tho i may not agree on ur taste in SOME men i must give you ya props..u proud with yours..everybody dont love a pretty boy..and somebody gotta love the ones who aint that pretty...

  4. An intervention is indeed in order.......

  5. lol@aco..u know i would make an exception for you!..u aint chunky, but ur u got that going for ya!

  6. Thunda you mos def get a *side eye* for TPain....Weezy....and a few othas I saw on the mainpage.... *side eye*!

    But I'm right with you when it comes to my thick brothas! i love the prison body type.... small waist.....wide back with wings.... big chest and arms.... whew lemme stop before i need to take another shower....