Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. Mississippi

i had to add a little more testosterone up in threw here..i found this while browsing the web....LMAO....i dont care whats been reported on him lately with this nonsense talking bout "its a black on black crime for black woman to perm their hair"...clearly he just a lil ignorant, or maybe it was taken out of context. but look at him!!...look at that face!..brauh look like he will TEAR IT UP!!!...just call him THE COOKIE MONSTER...cuz he look like he LOVE TO EAT!!!.....laaawddddyyyyy...and everytime i see him now i just think of that scene in Black Snake Moan where he is beating Christina Ricci lil ass out the frame againt that motel mirror!!....DAMMITT MANNNN.....i think if he was round me i'd have that sickness too!!! shiiietttt!!

1 comment:

  1. i just can't with u Thunda! that damn mississippi tattoo cross his back is a distraction. but i will hand it to ya, he is one of those educated thugs so he gets a few points with me.

    and yeah i seen Ricci gettin her back broke in BSM (i love that movie!) but a ten minutes session with him might change my mind about the dingaling right fast!