Tuesday, March 24, 2009


“I got an ice box where my heart used to beeeeee”

So this lil rant comes courtesy of the GOURGOUSNESS that is LEGS and my boo boo ACOLYTE……I have decided for right now to just be cold-blooded. I think too many times woman make decisions based on how it will affect the other person. I know I have!! And its really just bullshit!! We gotta do for us! Cause I really feel most men ain’t worried bout us!! They don’t have deep, thoughtful feelings like we do! When we go out, and we see something we think our man would like, we BUY IT!! Do they?....when we cook, even if they are not home, we cook for them. Do they? I am so over giving, and sacrificing, and stressing over a mafukka that doesn’t have the common courtesy to do the same. Now, im not saying all men…if ur man is the shit, and u know it…good for you! Hold on to him cuz it ain’t many like him!! But the woman in relationships that are unsure (legsy) or stressing on how to make it work, make it better…I say FUCK THAT SHIT!! If he aint giving 150% he don’t deserve you!! If he isn’t just as thoughtful, considerate, and sweet as u are..FUCK HIM!! I just don’t give a damn no more!...if u aint bringing something to the table that I don’t already have, than u need to get up from the damn table!! If I can do it my damn self, why do I need the headache that is YOU?? I think this level of fuckery is classified as INDIFFERENCE…and I must say, I am happy to have finally reached it!!

And the let the church say WOOO SAAA!!

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