Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things a Woman Should Never say...and I DO!!

So I read this post @ Yoddle Pop… ( )     and I have to say I was SHOCKED!!….i say some of these things ALL THE TIME!!   I am quick to tell a mafukka  “im just doing me”….but in all fairness I basically say that when what I mean is, I don’t want you to do a mafukkn thing for me! Or I don’t like dude anyways. Why if a woman is “just chillin”  ..meaning she doesn’t want a relationship rite now, she gotta be hoe’n??   DAYUM!....and I am QUICK to tell a dude I got a real mannish mentality…I think I think like a dude!..and apparently that’s gross!!??  Lmaoooo  I mean for a woman to be a “woman” now a days are we just supposed to keep a smile on our face, act like we don’t know no better, and let u think we are falling for the weak ass game most of ya’ll be spitting??  I mean  FUCK!....the hell we supposed to do!  Fall victim to the game or risk being unladylike??


How bout 7 things a man should never say to a woman:  this list is for when you are just meeting someone…trying to holla, or just vibe’n.



1. Damn, why you single?-  ummm, cuz I cant stand ya’ll asses and u don’t know how to act…so why imma lock it down in a relationship??   CUZ I AM!  That just show me you worried bout the wrong thing. Do men expect a woman to say   “cuz im crazy…and I put my last man in jail…so that kinda broke us up”


2. any sex related questions, and we just met….  Don’t ask me my fav position, my hot spots or when was the last time I got some. That just shows me what is on ur mind and u are not getting my snatch and throwing the deuces…now this type of conversation is ok if a) I start it or b) we been kicking it awhile and its about that time to take it to that level.


3. I love you…  if we talking a week and u tell me that you love me…clearly u are crazy!  There just aint NO WAY! You don’t even know me!!!


4. I just want a REAL ass female…  what does that mean?? U want a ghetto bitch that u can tell anything to and she don’t give a damn? want a chick that will fight in the streets for you??  What I think it means is you want a female that will suck the dick, toss the pussy up like a lay up and wont question you…NOT ME!


5. I got a baby on the way..   self explanatory.


6. over aggressive relationship type shit….  Why are you asking me if I want to be with you and I don’t even really know you yet?  Why does the fact we talking..kicking it, whatever, need to be defined?? I don’t know you enough to know if I want to be your girlfriend! Why are you trying to pressure me into giving you the answer you want??....that just kinda let me know you might be a duck…and I could probably get away with anything….desperate aint a good look.



7. when you gonna spend the night?...  ummm…if as a grown ass man you don’t know the key to subtlety than I don’t know how to help you. And I am not in the mood to tell you how to act to get what you want. Some things you shouldn’t just ask for….thats like asking “when we gonna fuck?”  I’m saying, if you see a hoe, than slap a hoe….dont talk to me like im sum trick and think you gonna get ANYWHERE with me!



That’s just 7 of em!!...i can say so much more!!.....but we gonna leave it at that….for now!




  1. LOL!! Thunda you is stupid...You know dudes can't take it when women tell them the real...ha! Like okay I don't want a relationship I just wanna cut and they be all like yeah that's cool but as soon as you cut something and don't call they ass oh you's a hoe and this that and whatever!! Keep beig the man/woman that you are and someone is gonna luv your for that shit one day!

  2. what they WANNA hear as the responses!!!!

    why u single? because im a whore. now would you like to become a notch on my bedpost too?

    whats your favorite position? you in me. i dont care what hole.

    i love u...nah dude, you love the puzzay and head game, and i dont blame you! now drop ya draws and have a seat...

    i just want a real female...look, im just here to fuck. im not gonna fall in love with you or call your house, i just want the dick.

    i got a baby on the way....soooo we need to use 2 condoms or what?

    over aggressive...ooh yeah daddy i like it rough, now pull my hair and smack my azz while u call me a bitch.

    when u gonna spend the night...NEVER! unless u want me to suck u off while u shower for work in the morning...and im cool with that!