Monday, March 2, 2009

Gucci Mane La Fleur

i had been tanging it up too much up in here lately....but ya'll know how i like my mens....that tall glass of diabetes sweet tea thats been out homo'n it up lately aint it....take a look at this damn delisciousness here!!! *siigghhhh* Gucci say "short, skinny, tall, he'll fuck em all...big butt, no butt, bolegs..i dont even care, as long as she a freak freak freaky" so u know if i ever see him its on like Donkey Kong....i'd do him in that blue fur he got...*looked like he killed Sully from Monsters, Inc* i'd do him in his Bart Simpson chain, *do the BART-MAN*, i'd do him in his Odie chain..*Garfield like to eat...maybe Odie do too*....if ya'll sleepin on Gucci Mane go cop his Mr. Perfect mix-tape...that shit is hotttt!!! him and OJ da Juiceman and Yo Gotti...great collabo!!...the whole CD riding really....u can just put it in and play.... "quarter brick, half a brick, whole brick AYE!.....quarter pound, half a pound, whole pound OKAY!"
and really any dude that say " i like the white girl, cuz im not racist" is gooooood with me!!!


  1. Girl, i'm with you on David Banner..but Gucci...unh unh.

  2. ok thunda now me and you are southern sistas but I just can not see deliciousness in Gucci...I like his music and all but have you checked the 40 ounce gut lately and he slapped the hell outta Mac Breezy who is a female by the way to those reading and don't know...Anyway David Banner might get a pass just because he is more than just some rapper with catchy lyrics, he is a writer and producer as well as a humanitarian!

  3. ummmm Ness...what type of dude do u like??...i mean jeeesh...Banner only get a pass cuz he not just a rapper...DO YOU SEE HIM??? pure fuking sexy!

    and i can understand u not feeling Gucci...i have an aquired taste..i LOVE his gut and all them tatts...and the fact he pushed and PUNCHED, *not just slapped* that hoe is ok kay kay with me!...he was singing Trap House, not Go head..girl get yo ass off stage!!!! shit!..her rough looking ass, she should of known when to sit her ass down sum where..lmaoooo maybe that HORRENDOUS blonde weave was controlling her brain..i ont know...but Gucci could get it all day ery day!!!..and i would ask him to rap in my ear while he gettin it!!! "she could do the dougie, do the dougie on my dickie....." lawd i AM IN LOVE WITH THIS MAFUKKA RIGHT NOW!!!! FREE GUCCI MAN!!!!! my poor boo is locked up in Fulton Co.....Ness go visit my baby!