Thursday, March 12, 2009

Atlanta Can Sleep At Night Now!

I dont know bout ya'll, but Praise The Lord....Skinty Mini and Shorty Doo Wop have settled they beef.

they was beefing over what???? anybody know?

I love the story/gossip i heard that T.I went to Rocko b-day party and told Tiny to get her ass up, they was leaving cuz Monica and dem had seated Tiny roght next to Shawty and his wife....funny stuff..but now all of that is behind him and all is right in the world....*amen* and on a side note....dont Tiny look (besides ugly as fukk) like she think " am i allowed to be this close to u now?? this is okay? im not guna get bust in my mouth, right?"


  1. besides the fact that i love TI with the heat of six suns, HE REALLY MUST LOVE THAT KEEBLER ELF. i mean, he can pull damn near anyone he wants, lord knows if i ever manage to get within ten feet of him i am GOING TO PEE MYSELF and stutter like a complete idiot, before security drags me off and tosses me on my ass (digress). sooo despite the kids, he still with her. hmph. must be love!

  2. Imma need Tiny's face to stop being so swollen he voice annoying as hell she look like the child of a broken down Sheila E and a dog