Wednesday, February 18, 2009

80's Babies

so i guess alot of fads and fashions from the 80's are making a come back. just look at Kanye, he's a walking advertisement for 1982. some things i loved in the 80's. and while it was hot in the 80's, it aint so much in 2009. so here is a trip down memory lane for me. i was born in 1980 in Plantation Florida. so my childhood memories and fads might be different from the rest of ya'll. if u had some fads and memories that were region specific drop em in the comments!! and most of this goes into the early 90's too! imma start with as early as i can remember and move to the teenage years.


1. Strawberry shortcake and He-man!......i have a pic of me when i was like 3 or 4 in red sweat pants...rainbow suspenders...roller skates...and a metal Strawberry Shortcake lunch box....i was apparently raised by disco roller derby parents. who puts a 3 year old in skates with rainbow suspenders?? anyways, loved watching He-man...*i have the poooowerr* i was a total tomboy! i had the green tiger he rode and Skeletor and his castle of doom...i think i was my father's only son even tho i have a vajayjay!

2. the Smurfs and the Snorks! i watched the Smurfs all. the. time! i loved Gargamel and that damn raspy sounding cat. i wanted to be Smurfette for the longest! fucking awesome would that be to be THE ONLY chic in your world!?? and the Snorks..ya'll remeber them??...they were like underwater smurfs with peen shaped things on their heads. loved them too!

3. Fraggle Rock- thats just a classic..everyone loved Fraggle Rock!!

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Thundercats- like i said, i was a Tomboy...enuff said.
5. Gummy Bears- the adorable lil bears that lived in the tree and dressed like Robin Hood and drank the gummy juice to go bouncing everywhere!! "gummy bearsss....bouncin here and there and everywhere!!"


1. colored at the time..but not a good look....yellow, pink, blue jeans. not the jeans that were cut from colored cloth. but the jeans that looked like regular jeans...but than were dyed over top in awful neon colors. you know what i mean??

2. bedazzled jean jackets- lmaooo @ this one. i had a Godmama that had no kids and was RICH so she would take us every summer to Disneyland and Atlanta and times....but she bought pretty much all our clothes for us cuz my parents was poor as hell and aint buy us shit!... so she made each of my 5 sisters these AWFUL dazzzly, shiney, puff painted, color coded jean jackets!! imagine going back to the hood with Guess, Marithe Francois Girbraud *waaay before it was cool and the hood rocked them*, Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor, all that super duper white ppl shit and all ur friends rocking Jordache and bobo's looking at u like u crazy!!

3. Z-cavarechi....Skidz....and Sleep Wear. remeber when rocking the pajama outfits was hot?? i think it was called Sleep Wear...lil cotton top and bottoms with the pin stripes and pajama themes on em. Skidz were that baggy ass checkered pants or overalls. HOT @ the time!...and Z. Cavarechi was them pants that had major hip room....they were like str8 legged but poofed waaaay out in the hip and pocket area....dont know why but kids rocked em!

4. "love eric" socks. yall remember them??...they were SUPER THICK and scrunched down i think they was called E.G socks and every pair had one sock with "love eric" scrawled in cursive @ the bottom. my label whore friends used to try and look @ the bottom of everyones socks to see if they had the "real" ones or bootleg ones. i always had the bootleg ones! whores.

5. NEON colors. neon glasses, neon bike shorts, neon shirts, neon jackets, neon shoes. i had a BAD ass pair of LA Gear high tops that were neon green and yellow with 2 shoe laces in each shoe, one of each color....God, i loved them shoes!!

6. Cross Colours, Looney Toon shirts with the characters all thugged up!...lmao...loved that shit!, NIKE...anything NIKE was hot, gold necklaces with ya name, surfer t-shirts * quicksilver, body glove* black folks know they wasnt surfing, even in Lauderdale..but we rocked them tee's!!


1. kool-aid dyed hair...clearly this was white folks...and i tried...but my damn hair was too dark...couldnt see any color!....damn i hated them blond heffas!!
2. gettin Nike checks shaved into ya head! shit was crazy..white boys and black boys was doing that!
3. The Shabba Ranks slope fade and the gold rimmed hammer glasses!! sexxxxy!!
4. the huge teased and hairsprayed bangs...again white gurls.
5. taking the lil chip bags and putting them in water, and than in the microwave so they shrink up and making a key chain out of them! did ya'll ever do that??
6. slap bracelets. nuff said!
7. puttin blow pops in ya pony tail....2 or 3 of em....saving em for later! lol blue rasberry blow pops!! loved em!! atomic fireballs, lemon heads, warheads, and cry babies!!!
8. wearing ya overalls one up, one down...again HOT back then...not so much now! matter of fact..unless u a farmer, or 8 months pregnant..overalls aint for NO ONE!!
9. anything TOMMY HILFIGER.
10. british knights, la gear, fila, finesse *the ones with the half basketball logo* pump up reeboks, saucony, adidas, keds. the Marshall Faulk nikes, the Grant Hill filas, Alonzo Mourning, Micheal Jordan.

lord thats enough!! im tired!!..feel free to leave any memories i forgot!! or anything that was hot in ur area!!


  1. I still wear my thugged out loony toons shirts dammit and ill keep on wearing them. lol

  2. Where the hell are Polaroids? SH SH SHAKE it liek a polaroid baby!! And i never got how smurfette populated the whole colony... cousins would have been fucking cousin and retarded babies would have been born... this explains how lil kim came to be.

  3. LMFAO!!! Aiight Thunda I just did a post bout the 90's!!! You know me and you are some true DS chicks...I remember skidz and pajama wear, Black bart simpson and the jeans that you let the best artist in your class draw on and write cant touch this on the butt of your pants...LOL!! I had a hot ass pair of L.A gears with the colorful shoes strings and I wore them muggs with a short denim skirt with the matching jean jacket with my pink Izod shirt with the green alligator then I wore matching slouch socks!!! LOL