Monday, February 16, 2009

4real tho??


who saw this comming?? rumors have it that either he found out she had HERPES from all them pics that have been circulating the web with a huge, hideous, juicy bump on her lip or she went thry his phone and started going off in her Barbados accent bout sum hoe shit!

i ont know what to believe...what i do that Rhianna kinda Amazonianish...and ill be damn if a BUCK o' FIVE mafukka gonna hem me up and give me a damn concussion!! that scrawny dude would have his narrow ass handed to him!! and assault with a deadly weapon?? fareal Cee Bee...u had to pick sumthing UP to fight a woman??...he a real pusstastic mafukka....i wonder if he was singing "Beat ya downnn...i'm really gonna beat ya down"!?? wouldnt that be sum shit? is the footage of this??

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